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VenTek International

Since 1950 VenTek International has been providing a simple to use, reliable, secure and highly modular product for unattended revenue collection. As the longest-standing US manufacturer of unattended parking Revenue Control Systems in North America, we continue to advance our products to ensure “customer friendly” use while simultaneously maximizing a variety of fee collection applications.

Started as “Park-ur-Self”, VenTek is the longest-standing, US manufacturer of unattended parking Revenue Control Systems in North America. We build our Automated Pay Station (“APS”) products in Petaluma, California. For over 55 years VenTek has remained a leader and innovator. Thousands of VenTek machines operate in on-street, off-street, garage, parks & recreation and transit settings where high transaction volume and the ability to provide change have become their hallmark features. This remains our competitive edge in an industry where lower performance, multi-space parking meters are frequently offered./p>

Throughout the evolution of our American-made APS product lines, a usability approach was developed that fundamentally differs from comparable European products. Specifically, VenTek machines employ the simple-to-use customer interfaces adopted by American ATM and gas pump machines, rendering them highly comprehensible and usable by most people; young and old. Our “Quick Pick” interface makes customers instantly feel comfortable when they walk up to a VenTek pay station. This enables them to perform their transactions quickly and confidently, without confusion. In fact, the large, highly visible Liquid Crystal Display and integrated ATM-style function keys clearly differentiates our APS units from others in the parking industry.

In side-by-side comparisons focus groups have predominantly rated the VenTek product as “easier to use”. Accordingly, this rating has translated into higher user satisfaction and more revenue for owners or operators of VenTek equipment.

VenTek’s APS units and electronic payment technologies are currently deployed across North America in a variety of parking, transit and controlled entry applications. From government agencies to college campuses to state and national park settings, VenTek has a proven track record of helping our customers maximize their revenue collection.

As a company that focuses on our customer’s uniqueness and specific needs, we pride ourselves on our advanced engineering and product development capabilities. We routinely work with customers to customize the VenTek Online System to meet specific needs. We understand that one solution may not be right for everyone, and unlike our competitors in this space we are eager to hear about your specific goals and how we can help you meet them.

We employ more engineers in North America than any other manufacturer in the industry. We continually develop innovative capabilities, features and functions aimed at efficiency, operational flexibility and value. VenTek is ready, willing and able to personalize a customer’s solution to provide future extensibility and/or technical adaptability for unique applications.

VenTek International Highlights

  • Established in the early 1950’s in San Francisco.
  • Industry leading mechanical ticket dispensers.
  • Corporate headquarters moved to Sonoma County in 1993.
  • Automated fee collection industry firsts:
    • First Mechanical parking ticket dispenser.
    • First Multi-space meter with electronic bill validation.
    • First Multi-space meter transmitting data through a wireless cellular connection.
    • First Merchant processing direct interface.
  • Long history of automated pay station deployments.
  • Developed transit ticket vending solutions for NITCD, UTA, and RTCSN.
  • Automation specialists in payment technologies.

While others may claim to be the “first” in advancing automated pay station technology, VenTek International has quietly engineered new solutions and solid products for over 50 years.

PCI PA-DSS Certified Solutions

VenTek International offers PCI Certified payment solutions through automated pay stations certified
PCI PA-DSS Compliant for your revenue collection needs.