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(Automated Pay Stations for Parking Meters, Parking Revenue Control, Pay and Display, Pay by Space and more!)
The key to the profitability of any parking facility is the ability to collect revenues by implementing automated parking meters with customizable rate tables. Our parking applications are designed to simplify payment collection and reduce the need for parking attendants. We offer pay and display systems that issue permits that customers post right on their dashboards. Our pay-by-space systems allow customers the convenience of paying the parking fee by entering a designated space number with no need to return their cars to display a ticket. Pay by License systems that assess fees based on a license plate number are also available.
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(Automated Fee Machine for National Parks, Regional Parks, Amusement Parks, Camping Fee Machine, Boat Launch and more!)
Our parks and recreation automation services help parks and recreational areas collect admission fees and issue passes without the cost of staffing a sales center or manning a tollbooth. Our automated fee machines can collect entry fees for one day or multiple days and even issue passes for an entire year. In addition, they can be used to collect the fees for services, such as boat storage and launch, camping space management, firewood, pay showers, tours and more. Our weather-resistant AFMs are durable enough to withstand the elements and attempts at theft and vandalism, giving you peace of mind and increasing security.
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(Transit Ticketing for Commuter Rail, Light Rail, Heavy Rail, Bus Station, Transit Station and more!)
VenTek International offers a complete range of solutions for transit ticketing and parking for bus, light rail, bus rapid transit, heavy rail and all other types of public transportation systems. Our durable, weather-resistant machines can be placed anywhere at a station or stop or within a garage and configured to handle a variety of vending tasks. For ticket sales, our ticket vending machines simplify collections and allow customers the convenience of paying with a credit card for mass transit. The units can also be set up to work as Multi-Space Parking Pay Stations or Automated Fee Machines, reducing the need for parking garage attendants.
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(Automated Pay Station, Automated Fee Machine, Parking Enforcement, Parking Garage Solutions, Toll Collection and more!)
Profiting from your parking garage or surface parking lot depends on limiting access to your facilities and effectively collecting tolls and fees. Our parking access control solutions can help parking facilities restrict unauthorized parking and reduce the need for keeping staff on hand around the clock or when the parking area is open to vehicles. We can design a system for paying on the way into the garage, paying on the way out of the garage or paying on foot after exiting a car. With our experience and expertise in the field, we can develop the ideal parking access control solution for the needs of your facilities.
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(Mobile Parking Enforcement, Event Parking, Mobile Permitting and more!)
The VenTek Online System supports the operation of optional VenTek Mobile Permitting (veeMŌ).  Operators may access the same payment collection and permitting features available at a Payment Station, but on in a mobile platform format.  VenTek’s veeMŌ Permitting applications allows operators to issue permits, manage cash, and accept credit card payments.  All transactions are recorded and uploaded to the management system (venVUE®) for full audit control.  Credit card transactions are immediately processed and settled automatically.

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Our Automated Fee Machine Products

The venSTATION is a digital automated pay station designed to perform anywhere that you may need to collect tolls, fees, rentals or payments. From remote locations in parks and recreational areas to transit stations to street-side bus tops, the venSTATION can be used virtually anywhere and offers three different power configurations: battery only, A/C with battery backup and solar power with battery backup. The model offers six types of payment configurations, including Flat Rate, Quick-Pick, Pay by Display, Pay-By-Space, Variable and Multi-Rate and Coupon and Remote Validation. Customers can pay with cash, coins or credit cards, and the system also allows for the use of loyalty cards, smart cards and university campus cards.
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Economical and highly durable, the Model 400 is the ideal solution for many surface parking lots that accommodate 35 to 350 cars. The model offers four types of rate configurations: Flat Rate, Quick-Pick, Pay & Display and Pay-by-Space, so that you can customize it to suit any fee schedule. The model can be supplied with AC power or solar power and is backed up by a battery for reliability, or it can be operated solely on the battery. Payment options for your customers include coins, bills and credit cards, and by accepting all three, you can attract those customers who do not carry cash.
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System VI
If your automated fee machine needs are complex, the System VI automated fee machine is the ideal solution. Perfect for large parking garages, parks and recreational facilities, universities and surface lots that hold more than 350 cars, System VI allows you to utilize more complex rate structures. In addition, these automated fee machines can be used to reserve campsites and sell annual passes and multi-day tickets. The versatile design of the System VI allows you to set it for pay-by-space, pay-and-display, pay-by-foot, pay-on-entry or a combination of payment methods. The machines can be operated by battery, AC with battery backup or solar with battery backup and accept an array of payment methods.
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Even with the finest, most advanced automated fee machines, you can’t fully profit from toll, fee and rental payments without proper management. venVUE® puts you fully in control of your revenue collection network, providing all the information that you need to manage toll-collection operations in one easy-to-use software system. This software program displays real-time pay station status and allows you to remotely access any of your pay stations to reconfigure them. In addition, the software quickly generates a wide variety of reports to help you track operational statistics and revenue collection numbers. The intuitive system allows for different levels of access, so that you can control who can view what information and restrict access to pay stations as necessary.
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Our World Class Support Solutions

VenTek Support Plans
VenTek puts the satisfaction of all of our clients first, and as such, you can expect superior customer service from us whether you’re a small business owner with one small surface lot or a large company, transit system or university operating multiple garages or stations. We are there to serve you every step of the way with our professional installation service and basic and enhanced on-site training assistance. We also offer full customer support for systems covered by the VenTek Standard Product Warranty and the Extended Service Plan. We offer an array of maintenance plans as well to help you keep your systems up to date in perfect working order.
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VenTek Warranty Coverages
Here at VenTek, we back all of our pay station solutions with manufacturer’s warranties to protect your investment. For the first year, we offer complimentary replacements and repairs on all parts. If you experience a problem, our professional customer service team will diagnose it and get your pay station running quickly. Once the warranty ends, your protection does not have to cease. With our Support Plans, you can be sure that help will be available if you need it. To meet the budgetary needs of every company and organization, we offer three levels of VenTek Support Plans: Essential, Premium and Elite.
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Made in the U.S.A

Ventek made in the USA

VenTek International is a company built on engineering excellence. A California company focused on innovative products, corporate integrity and stellar service. We design and manufacture state-of-the-art, automated pay stations to meet the unique parking and revenue collection needs of a wide variety of customers. Manufactured in the USA and meeting the “Buy America” guidelines, we approach each client’s needs with interest, skill and dedication.


“We really like our venVUE® software management system. It allows us to manage all of our pay stations from a single web page. We can see the vital information we need to ensure our systems are generating revenue in real time.”
Gary S..

“In the few times we have logged a support call with Technical Support, they were really responsive in addressing our needs, or providing us a work around solution. We appreciate the effort they booth (put) forth in solving our issues.”
Jim B.

“I own a 4 tier parking garage in San Francisco and VenTek came to the rescue of my old system. They updated my system and their customer service was top notch.”
John M.

“After only three months of operation more than 72% of the monies collected are in the form of credit cards. We issued a purchase order and the complete system with 26 machines was installed and running in just 35 days!”
Charles Holt, California State University, Fullerton.

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